20 Reasons on Why You Should Start a Podcast

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In our current setting where social media, blogging sites and video blogs are dominant, podcasting had never lost its cool. Podcasting has started in the 1980s. It was first called as ‘audioblogging’ wherein a person is recording an audio file of a certain topic from different scopes of life.

It only caught the attention of its users when the internet boomed in 2004 and portable digital audio devices, such as iPod, were created.

Podcast came from the combinations of the two words iPod and broadcasting. Since iPod has been a hit from the time it was released, it was the device used by many to listen to the recorded broadcasting of the person who wants to share something to the public or to a group of people.

Podcast is one of the most conductive forms of linkage between you and your audience. Unlike social media, blogs and vlog, podcasting is a long form of communication medium to reach your target audience.


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So below are the following reasons on why you should start making your own podcast:

 1. People love podcast

In this day and age, people have been very dependent to the world of internet. Internet now has become a necessity for everyone. You can do a lot of things in the internet, and while almost everyone is hook to this craze, podcast is definitely one of those applications that people enjoy. Taking this kind of advantage is a big leap to you to help you reach a wide range of audience.

2. Not everyone has time to read

Whenever you read newspaper in the morning it takes a couple of minutes to finish it right? For a very busy person, reading articles or blog post is not a good idea. It consumes their time allotted for some other work. Podcast is one best idea for busy people who don’t have time to read.

Busy people will definitely rely on a podcast since you can do other things while listening to a podcast. You can drive, you can do the household chores, you can eat and do so much more while listening to a podcast. Podcast is one great option to leverage your time.

3. It is easier to create

People who have the knowledge and ability to be writer can do a blog post, while people who have amazing video editing skills can do vlogging. These two need a lot of hard work and patience to produce one content. However, if you are the type of person who wants an easier way, then podcasting is the best for you.

Podcasting allows you to produce your own content without having to be knowledgeable about copy reading or about video editing. Podcasting is just a casual talk since its purpose is to connect with the audience.

4. It sticks on the mind of the people

Once you’ve heard an unusual sound, it retains in your mind right? That is what podcasting creates. When someone has been hooked to one of the podcasts you made, there is greater probability that they will listen to your next podcast.

It is easier for people to retain sounds in their mind than image. Also, using your own voice rather than hiring someone makes you connect more to your audience listening.


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5. Develop speaking skills

If you have trouble in communicating, then try podcasting. It will surely develop and enhance your speaking skills since you will be talking and socializing to your audience. It will push you to speak and it will help you learn to converse articulately.

As time goes by you will notice the improvement of your speaking skills through podcasting since it will require you to talk a lot.

6. You can get the chance to be recognized

If you became a podcaster, you will definitely have the chance to relay your advocacy. Of course your podcast will reflect your advocacy in life and there is a bigger chance that people appreciate and recognize your good intentions. You might receive an award or recognition for that. People will like you and will follow your advocacy as well.

7. You can generate a wider audience

Unlike blogging, podcasting can reach a bigger audience since it is easier to understand. People nowadays prefer simple and less complex activity since they want to conserve their time and energy for other activities.

Just to emphasize the word wider, you can make a wide range of audience since podcast is not only feasible in your ear pods but it can also be heard in a speaker if there are a group of persons who want to listen to your podcast.

8. Source of income

If ever you have a short budget and needed a bigger source of income, then try podcasting. For every podcast you make, a certain amount will be credited to your account especially if you already generated a bigger audience.


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9. It can entertain

Most of the time people listen to radio or watch television to be entertained. Podcast can do the same thing. You can entertain people while entertaining yourself. You can make people love what you are sharing through your podcast and be entertained with its contents.

10. It can educate

Most of the time people rely on the internet to search for something they do not know. Aside from the entertainment value people can get from podcasting, podcasting can also educate people. You can learn and you can also share your own knowledge to your audience.

11. It can inform

You can use podcast to relay important information to people. Also, you can use podcast to notify and enlighten people about past and current events. You can be an anchor in your own podcast giving facts that people can use.

12. It can inspire

Podcast is like your own diary. You can share anything that you want to share. Every listener will appreciate the sincerity of your podcast and they can get inspiration from your own story. It might give them motivation in life. Your podcast need not be so scripted to make it look so inspirational. Being true to your words is enough to create an impact into someone’s life.

13. It develops your creativity

For every series of your podcast, you need to think of an interesting content for your listener. It encourages you to think outside the box and explore your creativeness. It lets you choose from a broad range of topics including, but not limited to, education, entertainment, sports, love, science, and others.


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14. Podcast showcase your inner talent

You can get the chance to know yourself more through podcasting. You might get surprised that you can do more talents that you think you cannot do before. Podcasting will help you discover and develop these talents of yours. Who knows, there might be an inner hosting talent in you that only needs to be awakened.

15. You can help others to express themselves

If you are able to surpass being an introvert, you can also help others to express themselves through podcasting. You can encourage them to freely express their own self by supporting them through your podcast. A podcast could serve as a support system to people who do not know on what to do on how they could overcome their fears as individuals and let them express themselves without feeling so reluctant.

16. It allows you to create long contents

Since podcasting is a verbal way of communicating and sharing content to people, you can create a longer content compared to a blog. It might only take a minute to expand and explain one idea in a podcast than it would take in a blog.

17. You can share your own story

Podcasting can attract greater audience if it reflects a true to life experience. People enjoy listening to someone’s story and get some learning from it. You can share your success story, your failures and on how it turned into triumph, your life hacks for your problems, and many more.

18. You can make your own identity

Since, you are the one creating the contents and you are also the one relaying it to your audience, that one podcast you created is a zeal of your identity. Every word reflects you and your personality. You are letting your thousands or millions of listeners to have a view of your life. You are making yourself an open book that when one hears your podcasts, he or she can surely identify that it is you.


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19. It influences people

As one quote says, “Pay it forward”, meaning, whatever words that you will say will have an effect to your listeners and will have an effect to the people around them, and so on and so forth. Until your message reached the edge of this world.

You can make the world a better place to stay, you can make two enemies become friends, and you can make or break someone. So you must choose contents that are beneficial and not destructive to the ones who will listen to them.

20. Podcast connects

Needless to say, podcasting’s main purpose is to let you connect into a wide range of audience. You want yourself to be heard and specially, you want your content to be appreciated and relayed.

So aside from the commonly used sites for communication nowadays, podcasting offers another way of connecting yourself, your story and your personality to others.

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